10 Must read tips to save money on your RV remodel!

1) Walmart- Never overlook Wal-Mart for things you need like paint, light bulbs, fixtures or minor repair items like glue, putty, etc. Try to avoid Rv stores when possible because the stuff there tends to be over priced.
2) Dollar Tree- Some things you can even find at the Dollar Tree, make a list of things you need and start here. I was able to buy things like cleaning supplies, the first step to remodeling is a through cleaning, putty, tape, and paint brushes, just to name a few items I was able to get here.
3) Craiglist- You can find all kind of things you might need on Craigslist. I was able to find a door and two windows for less than $70. these items would have been at least $200 or more new.
4) Yard sales- Oh how I love 💕 me some yard sales. It’s such an adventure because you don’t know ehat your going to find! One persons ungly-ass 👠 might mean someone else’s (☺️ Me)$90 POSHMARK find! You can find things you might need like handware, wood, tools or? Who knows. Also, think ou…

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It's a process....but it's progress.

Hope you all had a great weekend. It's the weekend! Yay! It's honestly been a brutal week on my end. So much I wanted to get done but didn't. We had a pipe burst! Oh the fun! Had a check and other important bills lost in the mail. Hmm,what else. Oh also went to file taxes and couldn't that got delayed due to my drivers license being expired and they had to have the actual plastic card so that won't happen for a couple weeks. It's been a week of ups and downs mainly downs if I'm being totally honest. Please next week be kind to me...please. Anyhow I did want to show you the progress up until this point. Not sure what I want to do when it's done sell it hang on to it for camping, or turn it into a sewing studio and office. Who knows. Life's a journey, not a destination right? Only time will tell.

Here is the progress so far...

My vintage chair I love that I got for $5 at a church rummage sale. My six your old made the red pillow.
My little office set u…

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RV Tiny House Tour


Tiny house plans, life update

So this is where we are at along our journey. So far we have painted almost everything. I'm pretty impressed with the price of this paint. $5 for one gallon. For those of you that don't know. Go with the oops paint. It's the paint that someone had mixed and then changed their mind. For me I really didn't care so much about the color because I was just using it as a base. More like a primer just to get things covered, cover the ugly wood paneling look and then prepare for a beautiful antique white. This is what it looks like so far, this is the front area. I just did the flooring yesterday, although not done with living area. This is a little sewing, office area which serves it's purpose and is very functional. So far it's working well. 
This is the step ( need to install the trim for the edge). This is the bathroom area. Bath tub off to the left. and sink off to the right. More pics to come when I'm done with bathroom
So total spent on paint and flooring an…

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