Tiny house plans, life update

So this is where we are at along our journey. So far we have painted almost everything. I'm pretty impressed with the price of this paint. $5 for one gallon. For those of you that don't know. Go with the oops paint. It's the paint that someone had mixed and then changed their mind. For me I really didn't care so much about the color because I was just using it as a base. More like a primer just to get things covered, cover the ugly wood paneling look and then prepare for a beautiful antique white. This is what it looks like so far, this is the front area. I just did the flooring yesterday, although not done with living area. This is a little sewing, office area which serves it's purpose and is very functional. So far it's working well. 

This is the step ( need to install the trim for the edge). This is the bathroom area. Bath tub off to the left. and sink off to the right. More pics to come when I'm done with bathroom
So total spent on paint and flooring and accessories. Around $85. Not too bad.  It's going to take another 2 boxes of flooring @ $23 each ab ox which isn't bad ,from Lowe's These are the peel and stick tiles, which are super easy to install you just have to lay them down to see where you want them then stick, use a box cutter to trim excess and voila! New Floor!
My son at his Dr, Suess event @ school this last week

Me at a black tie event event the prior week. We've had a long couple of weeks. Actually Feb just flew by. Thank god honestly. I'm so over rain and looking forward to brighter days, in more ways than one. :)


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