Thursday, February 16, 2017

Welcome to Tiny House Mom! I'm a mom embarking on a new journey! Sometimes no matter how much we plan and prepare life has other things in store for us. My story and my blog will embrace the changes, and new challenges that myself and my two boys will be going through in our journey to find peace, simplicity and happiness after divorce.

Nearly three years ago I told my husband of 16 years that I was calling it quits. His reaction didn't surprise me, he didn't take the news well, but what he decided to do in the three years since has been not only shocking but it forced my to rethink a lot of things about life, family and finances. I will be forever changed. I will get more depth about my story and what lead us to the point where we are now when I have more time, but here's where we are now and what we are doing as well as what's to come.

About 3 months ago my income was cut in half and I had to make some big changes. What I did as a result might be shocking....I got rid of half of our stuff and we downsized from an 1100 square ft townhouse apartment to a 300 square foot RV! Crazy right? Well this is saving me $1000 a month! YES $1000! This kind of drastic change might not be for everyone, but for us it works. We got the RV cheap for $1300, it's a 1986 Hitchhiker Fifth wheel. We will be renovating the entire inside and I will some you pics of the before and after as well as progress along the way.

We will also be making plans to build a 400 square ft tiny house in the months to come that we will eventually be moving in to. I should be able to do the entire project for around $6000-$10,000 and we will be living a mortgage free life, which frees up our resources and time to enjoy things we love like traveling, exploring and having fun! I will also be sharing with you how we are going to do this tiny house build for a very tiny price!

Come follow our journey!

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